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Our work doesn’t end with a properly prepared and excavated site. Underground utilities, including water mains, sewers, culverts, and other drainage, also play their part. A typical project can consist of thousands of linear feet of pipe, accessed by hundreds of vertical feet of manholes, drinking water distribution mains, hydrants, and storm water receptor systems.

A Nebraskan city is truly something special — communities of hard-working, loyal people working together to cultivate the Good Life. Each town is unique, and yet, they all have something important in common: they sit atop a complex network of underground utilities designed to improve quality of life and community function.

Underground Utility Construction – Water Main, Sewer, Storm Sewer

Valley Corporation has a varied, successful portfolio of utility infrastructure installation for residential, industrial, and commercial developments. Specifically in the areas of sanitary sewer installation, storm sewer systems, and water mains, Valley Corporation has a history of satisfied customers and communities. Additionally, we work for several government agencies, laying 100,000-200,000 lineal feet of direct bury pipe each year.

Here at Valley, we recognize that underground utility construction, specifically jobs involving city water mains, sewers, and storm sewers can be challenging to say the least. Because these structures are integral to the efficient function of entire communities, utility construction jobs often affect many people living in the construction area. Valley Corporation prioritizes swift, accurate service in these circumstances, and ensures that all affected are notified and updated when necessary.

Our project managers have over 30 years of experience planning underground utilities construction projects, and know exactly how to construct a plan that fits our customers’ timelines without sacrificing precision and quality.

Dependable Service, the First Time

Our underground utilities team has the experience, equipment, and highest-quality materials at its disposable. By investing the time and money needed to properly educate and equip our construction teams, we can ensure that underground utilities are installed properly the first time, minimizing the risk of having to re-excavate later.

Because underground utility installation often involves deep trenches and excavations, safety is also a high priority — for our employees and anyone in the immediate area. Our teams are familiar with all guidelines surrounding construction site safety, and work diligently to adhere to them. By investing in our residential, commercial, and industrial utility services, customers can expect an efficient, precise, and safe work environment, no matter what the project is.

Underground utility construction and repair may not be the most glamorous service we offer, but it is by far one of the most vital when it comes to the efficient function of city and municipality infrastructure. We take great pride in our ability to provide area communities with underground utility services that are dependable, effective, and built to last.

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