Grading contractor

A strong foundation is vital to any successful build. Grading, excavating, and site preparation are the foundation for your foundation. More than ensuring a level site, we’re also ensuring load handling, proper drainage, and erosion controls that are vital to the long-term durability of your structures and their projects.

Site Preparation

Proper site preparation sets the stage for all that follows. Get it wrong and you stand to suffer poor drainage, damage to utilities and infrastructure, cracks and eventual failure in retaining walls and foundations, and uneven settling that causes leaning structures and buckling roads.

Site preparation usually begins by clearing the land of vegetation, from the macro level (trees and shrubs) to the micro (grasses and other biomass). This is done down to the roots, since any biological matter left behind can lead to uneven settling.


Once the land has been cleared, we follow through with mass grading. Earth is moved from hilly areas to fill in ditches and depressions, and finishing touches are applied by scrapers and grading machinery to ensure a level surface.

Once the grading is done, it’s time to deal with the soil aeration that results from our work. Like a cake, the soil exists in layers, and if those layers aren’t compacted, you’ll notice settling or soil shifting later. Padfoot compactors and vibratory rollers deal with moisture and air in the soil so you’re building on firmer ground.

Reinforcement and Erosion Control

While the ground on which construction takes place can be leveled, geography and topography often find us on sites where leveling has its limits. If building takes place on or near a hill or near a body of water, soil reinforcement is often necessary to control erosion and prevent eventual collapse.


Having completed our site preparation and grading, it’s time to begin excavation. One of the most important purposes of excavation comes down to ensuring water always goes where it’s supposed to, whether we’re digging to lay sewer and water mains, or setting up drainage systems that protect your foundation and the structure built upon it.

Only once these steps have been planned and painstakingly executed can we move on to the work on the slab or basement that will eventually form the foundation of new construction, or laying the subsurface of a road or highway. Put simply, there’s too much at stake to leave anything to chance!

Preparing for the Preparations

As a general contractor, we can sympathize with the countless regulations governing construction in Nebraska, the reams of permits those regulations dictate, and the site inspections that follow. We’re here to help with each step in that process. For that reason, and so many others, choosing the right site preparation contractors in the Omaha area should begin and end with Valley Corporation.

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