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We normally think of foundations as something for homes and buildings. However, even the roads on which we drive and the dams and reservoirs that dot our landscape need a good foundation. Our aggregate deliveries — often in the tens of thousands of tons — make that possible.

For more than a generation, builders, contractors, and municipalities needing recycled concrete products and concrete crushing in Omaha NE have turned to Valley Corporation. It has also found its way into many of our own projects as well. The use of recycled concrete products promotes sustainability and cost savings to owners.

Our Process

Our experience as a civil contractor has taught us quite a bit over the years. To begin with, quarried aggregate is more expensive than recycled concrete products. The process of producing quarried aggregate is expensive since it needs to be mined. To mine you have to excavate the land and use a variety of different equipment and processes to have usable material. This uses valuable natural resources and consumes energy. For that reason, we recycle concrete with crushing equipment into a number of products from pipe bedding to riprap. The concrete which came out of a demolition project, is diverted from the landfill and turned into a useful product requiring little processing, saving energy and natural resources.

Concrete Aggregate Services

Our crushed concrete work is inseparable from the other services we offer.

  • Demolition, construction waste recycling, and concrete aggregates go hand-in-hand, since recycling construction waste from our demolition work provides us with a great source of raw material that would otherwise end up in a landfill.
  • Crushed concrete used in gabion baskets and riprap also has a part to play in soil stabilization, rolling back the ravages of time and erosion.
  • Our work on utilities, sheet piling, and the supporting structures that underpin this area’s infrastructure also makes extensive use of crushed concrete at various points in the process.

Finally, our aggregate deliveries throughout the Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA area enable other contractors to leverage the same advantages and savings that we’ve taken advantage of over the years. Whether you require a small load, or a delivery in the thousands of tons, Valley Corporation has you covered.

Working With Valley Corporation

Any construction project has multiple benchmarks to hit. While the quality of the finished project is paramount, close attention paid to the earlier steps in the process can help with hitting sustainability goals (or meeting LEED standards), reducing time, and controlling costs without sacrificing durability. For help meeting these and a host of other challenges, get in touch with Valley Corporation today.

Check out our Locations, Products and Current Pricing Below

Prices subject to change. Call for current pricing and availability.

Valley Pricing

3/4″ Minus Crusher Run $14.00/Ton
1 1/2″ Minus Crusher Run $14.00/Ton
1 1/2″ Pipe Bedding Call for Pricing
1 1/2″ Screened Rock $14.00/Ton
2 1/2″ Screened Rock $14.00/Ton
1 1/2″ Minus Crusher Run $14.00/Ton
Fill Dirt $6.00/Ton
Grizzly Dirt/Grizzly Rock $6.00/Ton
Top Soil $12.00/Ton
Clean Asphalt/Concrete No charge
Concrete with Wire/Rebar $4.50/Ton
Oversized Concrete or Asphalt $4.50/Ton
Concrete/Asphalt w/Dirt $4.50/Ton
Concrete/Asphalt w/Excessive Dirt $7.00/Ton
Dirt w/Foreign Materials $4.50/Ton
Concrete with Pipe or Steel $20.00/Ton
Refuse $25.00/Ton
Refuse Excessive $50.00/Ton
Flood Contaminated Soils $18.00/Ton
Various Sizes Call for Pricing/Availability


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