Communication and Electrical Services

Equipped with cutting-edge directional drilling and cable plowing technology, our underground communication electric services will keep your operation running smoothly with minimal environmental impact. Overhead electric and pole replacement services are available when an above-ground option is needed.

From the electricity that lights our homes to the vast networks that connect us to the people and resources we need on a day-to-day basis, communication and electrical services are integral to the way of life we enjoy today. Valley Corporation is thrilled to be able to offer underground communication electrical services and overhead electrical services to our variety of general contractor services for our Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa area customers.

Underground Electrical Services

For certain situations, moving electrical cables and pipes to an underground setting can be considered preferable to the overhead options available. Whether the reasons are aesthetic, environmental, or otherwise, Valley Corporation offers highly-effective underground electrical services designed to keep your project efficient, functional, and compliant with your timeline needs.

Directional Drilling

When it comes to installing underground electrical and communications equipment, directional drilling is one of the least-invasive and most-effective methods in the industry. Based on established oil and gas techniques, directional drilling uses cutting-edge equipment to install necessary pipe and cables without disrupting general activity at street level. Using products like steel casings, HDPE, and PVC, Valley Corporation is able to drill in sand, dirt, river crossings, and rock.

Cable Plowing

Our underground communication electric services include cable plowing, a technique used in cable installation that delivers minimal impact to the environment around it. Cable plowing allows us to create a trench for cable or pipe that can be filled quickly and efficiently. The Valley Corporation communications and electrical team has plowed hundreds of miles of telecommunications, electric, gas, and duct runs.

Overhead Electrical Services

Our team is equipped and trained to provide overhead electrical services as well as underground electrical services. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, but Valley Corporation is capable of providing both effectively and safely. From pole replacement to cable services, we have options that will fit your project’s needs.

Electric Pole Replacement

Almost every landscape you see is dotted with some form of electric pole system. The widespread use of this method of electric and communications delivery means that replacement and repair is an inevitable need. Because these poles provide such a valuable service to our communities, it’s imperative to ensure they are structurally sound and up to code. Valley Corporation provides electric pole replacement as one of its overhead electrical services, as well as installation of concrete light and structure foundations, light poles, and towers.

Electrical and Duct Banks

In addition to our overhead and underground electrical services, we provide maintenance and installation of electrical and duct banks, making sure that these above-ground structures are in solid, working condition.

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