Nebraska Communication and Electrical Services

Equipped with cutting-edge directional drilling and cable plowing technology, our underground communication electric services will keep your operation running smoothly with minimal environmental impact. Overhead electric and pole replacement services are available when an above-ground option is needed.

We live in an increasingly connected world. The signs of those connections are all around us, from the phones in our pockets to power lines overhead, or fiber optic cables shuttling data vast distances underground. And when homeowners, businesses, and industry need to connect — or reconnect — they increasingly turn to Valley Corporation for electrical installations in the Omaha–Council Bluffs metro area.

With renewable energy ever improving & becoming more cost effective Valley Corp is proud to provide & install the electrical and fiber infrastructure around the Midwest on Windfarms & Solar farms to the towers and capacitor banks that are providing green energy to the United States.

Underground and Overhead Electrical Services

Primary power overhead & underground cables across the Midwest are in need of replacement & updating. We offer pole replacement and cable services to repair or replace existing infrastructure as well as site lighting, power pedestals, services, and duct banks we’re equipped to help you leverage the advantages of our services in the electrical industry with our installations; besides a “cleaner” aesthetic, these address environmental and durability concerns as well. Regardless of where the installation takes place, we ensure efficiency, durability, and function while minimizing disruption to the surrounding area.

Directional Drilling

Decorative landscapes and well-groomed lawns are often the pride of a homeowner. We help protect your hard work & style with our underground installations by relying on directional drilling for the installation of underground electrical and communications infrastructure. Using techniques developed in the oil and gas industries, we use cutting-edge equipment that can make short work of our installations whether it be across your driveway or a river we minimize damage and impact to the areas we work. Whether it’s dirt, sand, or solid rock we use our expert level of understanding soils & industry best practices to make these trenchless crossings look easy. This allows us to install steel casings, PVC, and HDPE without causing street-level disruption.

Auger Boring

Auger Boring is the process of installing large diameter casings using trenchless methods. Unlike HDD the auger bore method is a pit launch system that has a 0 degree entry angle with no drilling fluid. The most commonly used methods are the water level and pilot tube.
The more traditional method of auger boring to install casing is the water level

  • The installation process consists of a casing thrust into the soil while an auger flighting in the center of the casing carries the spoils out of the center of the casing pipe.
  • The steering process consists of a steering head that makes small vertical adjustments along the running line to adjust the flow line or slope of the casing.
  • Some larger diameter heads have wings that may be manually adjusted horizontally along the bore alignment.

The second method uses the pilot tube consisting of a pit launch system

  • The difference in this method is a small tube with a steering head approximately 8” in diameter is bored through the center of the running line while guided with electronics.
  • Once the pilot tube is complete a cutting head is installed on the casing to follow the pilot hole, then the casing is thrust into the ground creating a larger diameter hold, using augers to carry the spoils out.
  • The cutting head will follow the exact alignment of the pilot tube for more accurate bore shots.

Cable Plowing

Cable plowing provides minimal damage to place cable by opening a small trench for cables without any spoils pile during the installation, which provides protection for the cable while minimizing environmental impact. Valley Corporation’s communications and electrical team has plowed hundreds of miles of telecommunications, electric, & gas industries.


With open-cut trenching being labor intensive it is still the preferred method to install larger cables & diameters of pipe. The Valley Corp team covers a lot of ground during the day opening trenches up to 8’ deep and 30” wide. Whether its gas, electric, water, sewer, or fiber the Valley Corporation team makes quick work of countless miles of infrastructure to keep the Midwest moving.

Electric Pole and Traffic Light Replacement

Effective electrical and communications work demands close attention to even the most mundane details. Because electrical poles and traffic lights are exposed to everything from heavy weather to reckless drivers, the occasional repair and replacement is inevitable. We start from the ground up, providing concrete foundations, and engaging in the repair and replacement of electric poles, light poles, traffic lights, and towers.

Electrical and Fiber Duct Banks

With above-ground electrical & communications so susceptible to the weather it is very advantageous in the industry to build underground duct banks. The duct banks are vital to keeping power and information infrastructure up and running. For this reason, we provide both installation and maintenance services to keep everything in optimal working condition.

Vacuum Excavation

In an increasingly connected world, the underground infrastructure has become a vast web of wires and pipes. Damage to these facilities is not an option for the Valley Corp team. The solution to this is Vacuum Excavation. The process of using high-pressure water and a vacuum allows us to find these facilities without damaging them. This allows our highly skilled crews to be able to visually see existing cables & pipes in their path of installing new infrastructure and avoid hitting our damaging existing cables, damages that can cause loss of communication, power, water, or gas. Not only does this method find underground facilities it can be used to clean out just about anything you can think of.

Working Anywhere

Although we use almost every technology & method of the 21st century to install infrastructure in our own crews it doesn’t stop there. We provide our expert & professional services to anyone, whether it be a new client, engineer, or competitor we will help them all. Valley Corp takes pride in offering these services because everyone needs to succeed. Creating a partnership helps all parties involved and we can help get you there with our highly skilled crews.

With all the services we have to offer the directional drilling is the most widely used by our customers. If its small products short distances or large diameter pipe long distances under a River in undesirable ground we will make it happen for your company. Rock bluffs and green lawns create a lot of roadblocks, so let us help you provide a solution for your customer. Even if it’s just a consult or value engineering Valley Corporation is the right choice for your business & ours.

Other Construction Services

Of course, our electrical work does not take place in a vacuum. Projects often require us to address demolition, concrete recycling, and underground utility installation, as well as building supporting structures that tie it all together. And because emergencies can arise long after our work is done, we’re also available for emergency construction services in not only the Omaha area but the Midwest and beyond.

Why Choose Valley Corporation?

Choosing the right contractor serving the Omaha–Council Bluffs metropolitan area is about more than our cutting-edge directional drilling and cable plowing technology, or the fact that our teams are licensed, bonded and certified. Our experience is what makes the difference, keeping your operation running smoothly with minimal environmental impact. And that experience received a significant boost with the acquisition of the assets and personnel of Klein Electrical & Underground’s underground division early in 2020, enabling us to deliver a higher level of service than ever before.

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