Sheet Piling

Sheet piling and H piling has a wide range of applications. When installed with care, it’s an effective retaining wall, marine bulkhead, or bearing pile. Our removal and installation services have seen use for new construction, remediation, and reestablishment projects alike.

Whether sheet piling is needed for safety measures or as an integral, permanent part of a structure, Valley Corporation has the equipment and experience needed to perform sheet piling services to the highest of standards. An experienced sheet piling contractor in the Omaha and Lincoln areas, we have been providing our customers with this versatile product and service for over 45 years.

Sheet Piling and “H” Piling – Installation and Removal

One of the most effective ways to retain earth during the construction process is the use of sheet piling and H-piling. Commonly used in excavation and protection from bodies of water, these methods of earth retention are considered to be the most cost-effective and reliable ways to do so. Our team is specially-trained in the installation and removal of sheet piling, and has the experience needed to create a highly-efficient implementation plan.

Valley Corporation specializes in the installation of sheet pile and shoring with the use of an excavator-mounted vibratory hammer. This hammer drives the sheet piling down into the earth, where it can interlock with other pieces, providing an easily-customizable retention system that can be manipulated to fit the needs of almost any construction project. The use of an excavator allows for easier access, and more flexibility when installing the sheet pile or shoring system. This technology also allows us to provide sheet piling and H-piling removal services, should the circumstances call for that.

This versatile service can be used for a variety of needs, including water control, cut-off and containment, and flood protection. When installed by a qualified team, it can almost entirely remove the risk of collapse, landslide, water breach, and erosion. At Valley Corporation, we believe in building a structure that lasts as long as possible, and by utilizing sheet and H-piling during our construction processes, we can provide exactly that.

An Affordable, Dynamic Retention Option

Sheet piling is a powerhouse when it comes to protection. Whether you need to shield a worksite from water or contain earth neatly and reliably, there’s a good chance you’ll find a sheet piling option that fits your needs.

When installed with precision and care, sheet piling can not only protect your assets, but save you money. The preservation of assets and property, combined with high-quality sheet piling can provide cost benefits that are seen years after installation. Our technicians and planners are trained and ready to provide your next project with customized sheet piling and H-piling services that are dependable, strong, and built to last.

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