Dave Almery as a Top Performer Working for Omaha’s Best Construction Company

Have you always wanted to work for an organization that values its employees? If that sounds like an ideal situation, we invite you to apply for a position with Valley Corporation. When you join our team, you’ll become a member of our hard-working family.
Does all this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not – and you can ask Dave Almery if you have any doubts. As one of our valued team members, Dave Almery sits at the top of his field. A construction expert, Dave Almery sets the standard for his peers throughout Omaha, NE, and surrounding areas.

Culture at a Growing Construction Company

As Dave will tell you, Valley Corporation embraces a culture of empowerment, drive, passion, and growth. While some companies limit their employees’ potential, we empower our coworkers to succeed and be their very best on both personal and professional fronts.

Although we’re quick to recognize individual achievements like the ones Dave has amassed throughout his career, we strive to succeed as a team. By working together, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Despite decades of expansion, our family-owned and operated business maintains that its most valued assets are its employees. We prioritize safety at all touchpoints, and we adopt innovative technology to stay on the cutting-edge of our industry.

Skills Needed To Work For Omaha’s Top Construction Company

We’re committed to helping the members of our work family expand their skill sets. We prize training and continued education and provide many opportunities for our employees to learn on and off the job site. Even though our company has a long history that stretches back to 1972, our team recognizes that there’s always something new to learn, which is always something we’re happy to do.

Current Role at Nebraska’s Top Construction Company

What is your role at Valley Corporation?

Dave: “My role at Valley Corporation as a Superintendent is to oversee excavating projects, manage crew size, and type of equipment needed to finish on time with the most profit possible.”

How did you hear about Valley Corporation? What made you want to work here?

Dave: “I have worked on different projects over the years alongside Valley Corporation. I knew Matt and thought the company was growing and would be a good fit for me personally.”

What is the most challenging project you’ve worked on during your time here so far?

Dave: “The most challenging aspect of my job is managing people and utilizing those people in the right positions to get the jobs done in the safest most profitable manner.”

Why Choose To Work At Valley Corp

What is your favorite thing about working at Valley Corporation?

Dave: “My favorite thing about working with Valley Corporation is the trust. I get to run the projects the way I see fit and the “What can I do for you” attitude I get from management.“

What do you think makes you most effective as a leader for our Superintendents?

Dave: ”Knowing what it takes to get the job done with the least amount of steps, most efficiently makes me an effective leader.”

After being in the construction industry for 40 years, what do you find most unique about Valley Corporation’s company culture?

Dave: “After being in the construction industry for 40 years, I find Valley Corporation truly cares about being the best company to work for and with.”

What does it take to grow as a leader and advance professionally through Valley Corporation?

Dave: “It takes hard work, honesty, and pride in your advance at Valley Corporation.“

What are your hobbies outside of Valley Corporation?

Dave: “I enjoy spending time with family, watching grandkids sports. Enjoy Hunting, Fishing, riding motorcycles and ATV’s.”

Thank you, Dave, for taking the time to chat with us, and for being such a dependable, inspirational part of our team!

Want to Join a Winning Team at Valley Corporation

If you want to work for one of the best employers in Omaha, Nebraska, that offers endless chances for you to grow, we suggest you apply for a position with our organization. We truly value our employees and consider them family. When you join our extended family, we’ll do whatever is necessary to help you succeed individually and as a member of a close-knit team. While we work hard, we support a healthy work-life balance that allows for ample personal time so you can relax and unwind with friends and family.

Don’t put it off any longer! Apply for a position with Valley Corporation now. Dave Almery did and he has never looked back. We encourage you to do the same.