The internet has become more and more important in the everyday lives of Nebraskans, but there are still so many areas that do not offer adequate high-speed internet infrastructure. Fortunately, the state is looking to change that and tackle this important issue of access. Valley Corporation is ready to help with this endeavor. We have the heavy-duty equipment needed and plenty of experience working with clients in the communications industry, and we’re excited to get to work.

Issues with Nebraska Broadband

Nebraska is a rural state, which means that it’s quite spread out and there simply isn’t the needed infrastructure for high-speed internet in every community. Many rural states struggle with this issue, but Nebraska is currently one of the states hardest hit by this problem, ranking at 48 out of 50 in broadband access compared to other U.S. states.

Roughly 37% of residents have access to fiber-optic service. Fewer than 11% have access to a wired low-price plan. This needs to change.

Why High Speed Internet Matters

There’s a reason that broadband access in rural areas has become a hot topic lately. The world is changing, and being able to stay connected no matter where you are has become a necessity. The pandemic has only made this more obvious.

The digital divide needs to be bridged. Working remotely is becoming more common, and there’s no good reason to deprive Nebraskans of opportunities and the expanded ability to communicate with friends and family all over the world simply because their internet infrastructure is inadequate.

Nebraska’s Broadband Expansion

That is why the state of Nebraska is investing in its broadband infrastructure. High-speed internet is no longer a luxury or a curiosity. It’s a necessity for many hard-working people in Nebraska. The state will spend $40 million to expand high-speed internet access for rural residents in the state.

A task force formed by the state in 2019 determined that Nebraska ranked behind nearly every other nearby state in broadband availability, spurring a need for serious action. This initiative will help get broadband to more people and improve broadband speeds for rural customers who already have access to some type of broadband service.

This means that if Nebraska workers need to work from home or go to school online, they can do it. An increase in broadband speeds and reliability is a win for each person and business in the state.

How We Install

We know how to get broadband internet in rural areas because we have done it before. We have the equipment and expertise needed to install fiber in the ground. We were recently hired by Great Plains Communications and BNT Fiber to install fiber for communications in a rural area. Our experience with directional drilling, plowing, and fiber installation came in handy here, and we were able to easily complete this task without incident and ahead of schedule.

Our experienced technicians are ready to help the state with this initiative so that more people can access the high-speed internet that they need for work, school, and anything else throughout Nebraska.

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