The Outlook for General Contractors

The American economy has seen a lot of ups and downs in the last several years, especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic. Many workers who were once gainfully employed now find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Still, others who expected to start a career have discovered that their chosen field no longer exists. Thankfully, there are still industries that are not only surviving but growing, and contracting is among these fields.

General contractors are in high demand as the world rebuilds itself, and this gives them a wide array of power and choices when it comes to choosing their career paths. Though working independently can provide a feeling of independence, the backing of a great team allows for stability in a changing economy. Unfortunately, not all construction companies in Omaha provide a pleasant, safe, or enjoyable work environment. In our competitive industry, employees have the power to be selective, and they should be! If you are looking for a company to share your construction talent with, make sure that you receive fair compensation, benefits, and the appreciation and recognition you deserve!

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What Sets Valley Corporation Apart

There are endless possibilities for growth at Valley Corp. We can offer the best of both worlds, the stability of a business that has been around for almost 50 years, the atmosphere of a family-owned business, where you are part of our family, and we continue to grow and expand our services.


Valley Corporation knows that our employees are our strongest assets, and we are committed to making sure they are well-compensated for the work they do. We offer strong, competitive wages to ensure that we attract top talent. We also provide ROTH and 401K plans with employee matching to show that we value your efforts. Our comprehensive insurance plan includes medical, dental, vision, and life insurance to protect the health and livelihood of our staff. We expect a lot of our employees, and we like to reward them with breaks in the form of paid vacation time. At Valley Corporation, we value learning and support the professional growth of all employees. Continuing education and training opportunities prepare you for career growth within the field.

Culture and Values

Explore your potential. Honor Your talent. Unearth Your Possibilities.
Every structure needs a strong foundation to thrive. At Valley Corporation, that foundation is our employees. We hope that all our staff sees this as more than just a job, but as an extended family where everyone looks out for each other and takes time to celebrate achievements and have fun together. We are passionate about what we do, and we make a strong effort to give back to communities in the Omaha and Lincoln areas of Nebraska. Every decision we make incorporates our core values to provide a consistent experience for clients and employees alike:

Core Values
  • Quality: We provide products and services that every staff member is proud to be part of.
  • Empowered Employees: We reward employees for a job well done and encourage career and personal growth.
  • Safety: We take care of our employees on the job and off.
  • Endless Possibilities: We believe that by working together as a strong team, we can do anything we set our minds to.

Safety/ Training

In the construction industry, safety is everything. Common sense alone does not provide contractors with all the knowledge needed to secure a safe and healthy work environment. That is why Valley Corporation invests substantial resources in training to help our staff to protect themselves and each other without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Opportunities For Growth

Employee job satisfaction is a priority at Valley Corporation. From interns to drivers to superintendents, we want every single one of our words to experience pride and confidence daily. Every voice matters to us, and every team member is a crucial part of our success, and we treat them accordingly.

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