Skip the long drive, lines and fees at the landfill. We have convenient recycling location off HWY 275 in Valley, NE . Our friendly staff is ready to help you get rid of your unwanted materials. We are open M-Th 7-5 and F 7-4.

What is the best way to dispose of dirt, asphalt and concrete after demolition and construction? Given the increasing landfill fees and the expensive consequences of improper disposal — many of you have relied on Midwest Aggregate for your disposal solutions.

Dumping Guidelines for Construction Debris

Local codes for construction waste can vary from place to place. However, the Omaha municipal code requirements for concrete and asphalt disposal are similar to what you’d find in many places in Nebraska and Iowa. Broadly speaking, because you can be subject to fines, fees, and sanctions, it’s best to stay on the right side of the law — which often means it’s best to enlist experts in concrete removal and disposal instead of trying to do it yourself.

Alternatives to Disposal

Midwest Aggregate, a division of Valley Corporation has been recycling concrete and asphalt since 1993. As leaders in our industry we are proud to offer the Omaha metro area and Council Bluffs convenient, environmentally friendly solutions to concrete and asphalt disposal. Concrete recycling is a much more cost-effective alternative, for you and for us alike. With minimal processing, recycled asphalt can go into new road surfaces, and recycled concrete into applications like riprap and aggregate. This saves money and resources, especially compared to time and energy-intensive processes required to quarry and process virgin materials. And because we deliver, there’s demand for recycled material on the part of builders and contractors throughout the Omaha area.

Permitted Materials and Disposal Costs

In much the same way that construction waste comes in all shapes and sizes, so does pricing for asphalt and concrete disposal. Some of our competitors in the Omaha area will not accept certain types of construction waste. Because we handle our own processing, we’re able to handle things the competition won’t — or can’t. So in addition to clean asphalt and concrete, we also accept oversized concrete and asphalt, concrete that’s reinforced with wire or rebar, pieces with pipe or steel embedded, and mixed lots containing dirt.

Average Tipping Fees

Because some of these materials require more extensive processing and cleaning, prices vary. There is no charge for clean asphalt and concrete. Prices per ton will vary based on the material, type of contamination, and degree of contamination. We will evaluate the materials being disposed of, and give you a quote based on load size, location, and materials. See our pricing or give us a call.

Getting in Touch

Over the course of nearly 45 years, Valley Corp has been a reliable name in demolition, utilities, support structures, sheet piling, and other forms of soil stabilization. It’s no coincidence that we also provide cleanup — including a helping hand to our fellow builders and contractors in the area. For help with these and other construction challenges, call Valley Corporation to dump your concrete, dirt and asphalt today!