As Nebraska’s most trusted directional boring contractors, we have the expertise needed to deliver the underground electrical services that you are looking for. One of our areas of expertise is directional boring. We do many different kinds of directional boring services for our customers, covering all types of utilities, and there’s really no need to go anywhere else for your electrical construction needs.

What is Directional Boring?

Directional boring, or directional drilling, is a process that is meant to install underground utilities in a way that is minimally invasive. It’s a relatively simple process where a small diameter hole is drilled along a path from one surface point to another using high end directional boring machines. Then this bore is enlarged, to make sure that it’s big enough to accommodate any of the utility equipment needed. Finally, the equipment is placed into the hole, creating a continuous segment of pipe or cable that can safely run underneath a variety of surfaces. Directional boring can be used to install utilities under roadways, driveways, and even small bodies of water. Generally, it’s used when traditional trenching just isn’t an option or would end up being far too destructive.

Types of Utilities Installed

Directional boring can be used to install pipes made from many different kinds of materials, ranging from PVC to steel. That’s why this technique can be used in a number of different industries, including the utilities sector and the oil and gas industry. It’s a versatile way to install critical infrastructure without wrecking any nearby land or needed roadways.

In addition to underground electrical services, we also offer directional boring services that can be used to install other types of infrastructure. Sewer lines and other types of water lines, for example, can be installed easily by a directional boring expert.

When You Need Directional Boring Services

Our directional boring services can be used in a variety of areas, and different types of soil and materials don’t stop us from getting the job done. We can bore through sand, dirt, or even solid rock. We can dig deep enough under driveways and yards so that you don’t even know that something is buried there, and we take special care to make sure that nothing is damaged. We even know the best practices for different types of soil, so we install steel casing, PVC, and other infrastructure without doing anything that can cause future issues.

Benefits of Directional Boring

There’s less soil disturbance: We’ve already alluded to this, but because we take precautions we disturb the soil less with directional boring. Other construction and digging methods could move around the soil more and make it harder for the environment to go back to the way it was.

It’s eco-friendly: Due to its less invasive nature, directional boring also better protects the ecosystem and causes less damage to potential animal habitats.

It protects groundwater: This digging method reduces the risks of contaminating the groundwater.

For Directional Boring Services in Valley, NE

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