Some things just go together, like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, or — surprisingly enough — concrete and steel. As simple as it is, it’s no exaggeration to say that reinforced concrete shaped America, from the skyline of downtown Omaha to the infrastructure that underpins big cities and small towns from coast to coast. If you’re working on an extensive project that makes use of reinforced concrete, the rebar services provided by Valley Corporation dovetail perfectly with the many other services we offer to contractors and municipalities in the greater Omaha area.

Rebar 101

What makes concrete and steel such an effective combination? By itself, concrete has excellent resistance to compression force; when rebar or steel mesh are added to the mix, the structure as a whole gains a degree of tensile strength and resistance that enables higher load handling. You can do more with the two together than you could do with either on its own. Because both materials have the same expansion coefficient, they complement each other perfectly, allowing you to reap the cost benefits and flexibility of concrete alongside the structural strength offered by wire mesh or traditional rebar.

Why Work with Valley Corporation for Rebar Installation?

There are a number of reasons that general contractors, municipalities, and developers throughout the Omaha metropolitan area choose Valley Corporation.

Rebar Installation

Valley Corporation works hand-in-glove with architects and engineers to ensure project success. Once the project specs are finalized, the fabrication completed, and the rebar detailed, it’s our turn to get to work. Our crew has many years’ worth of combined experience, bringing with them not only extensive knowledge, but also the work ethic and dependability to get the job done quickly, correctly, and safely.

Because our crews are self-managed, those with whom we collaborate are freed up to work on other aspects of the project. We can supply and/or transport the rebar for the project, covering nearly any rebar or wire mesh reinforcing need. Furthermore, billing is flexible, by hour, by ticket, or by estimated quote.

Other Services Offered

However, just as rebar reinforces concrete, our rebar services reinforce a wide range of other services we provide.

  • Demolition and obstruction removal, since new construction often entails clearing away existing structures and infrastructure
  • Grading to ensure proper leveling, drainage, and erosion control
    Utilities installation, including mains, sewers, and water mains for private properties and municipalities alike
  • Turnkey structural services, including manholes, dam structures, vertical supports, and culvert extensions
  • Stabilization to rehabilitate waterways and drainage systems, ensuring that concrete structures aren’t undermined by the ravages of time and the elements

The team at Valley Corporation has served Omaha, Council Bluffs, and beyond for more than four decades as a family-owned business. We reinforce more than concrete; our services and our team are the reinforcements that local builders, developers, and municipalities have called on for generations. For help with your most urgent needs, get in touch today for a consultation or quote.