Valley Corporation is fast approaching our 50th anniversary. As we do, we aren’t just looking back on and celebrating our own milestones and progress. For us, the wide range of municipal construction services we offer is also cause for celebration. After all, we’ve helped make towns and cities throughout the Omaha and Council Bluffs region more welcoming, more livable, and safer for their residents—and proudly played our own small part in this area’s strength and revitalization. We’ve chosen some recent projects that highlight our approach to municipal work and give a taste of what we have to offer towns and cities of all sizes.

Sewer Service

Our underground utilities work is more than sewer service. Drain culverts, water mains, and erosion control all overlap, as they did for the River’s Edge project completed for the city of Council Bluffs in 2019. In addition to two stages of grading, the brief also called for utilities boring, dewatering, erosion controls, and the installation of storm and sanitary sewers.

Structural Services

When you’re planning a major structural project, the implications of the build often extend far beyond the site footprint. That’s certainly been the case for our ongoing work on the Lake Zorinsky water quality basin, which began in 2018 and will wrap up later this summer. While the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District required a dam to be built, the preservation of surrounding lands was of utmost importance. This project, like many of our others, began with extensive demolition, grading, and excavation, but we’re also building with an eye toward both the supporting infrastructure and elements that combine esthetics with pressing practical concerns; the permanent seeding that serves as the project capstone won’t simply beautify, but will also serve as a key erosion control.

Communications and Electrical

Often as not, there’s significant overlap between our commercial projects and the communities in which they reside. That’s why our utilities work—including mains, sewage, electrical, and communications—matters to municipalities as much as developers. For example, one past project with BNT Fiber and Great Plains Communications brought fiber optic communications to rural customers and the city of Wayne alike.

Our current work on The Mercantile, a development that rehabilitates part of the old Conagra campus while revitalizing downtown Omaha, also underscores this point. Our priority in projects like these isn’t just bringing new utility hookups online. We know the importance of minimizing disruption to the surrounding area—an approach we’ve replicated across several projects to ensure that our work integrates seamlessly into the urban fabric without interfering in residents’ quality of life.

Emergency Construction Services

In a perfect world, your town or city would have the luxury of hearings, a lengthy bid submission process, and extensive planning. Out here in the real world, things can change in an instant. Douglas County can attest to this firsthand after severe flooding damaged Q Street and its surrounding embankment. The project involved the removal and disposal of 5,950 square yards of asphalt, the import and placement of nearly 9,000 cubic yards on the embankment, thousands of square yards of subgrade preparation and asphalt repair, and extensive seeding and matting to restore the area to its former appearance.

As lifetime Douglas County residents, we understand that life here presents challenges and opportunities in equal measure. We’re proud of the work we’ve done in helping municipalities of all sizes tackle the former and capitalize on the latter. To request a quote or consultation, we invite you to contact Valley Corporation today.