When we’re lucky, construction projects come with a long lead time, plenty of planning and consulting, RFPs, and the luxury of fine-tuning every last detail. But there are times when the elements, the weather, or simple human error throw a wrench in the works. A project that wasn’t planned — demolition, repair, or environmental remediation — needs to be handled, quickly and correctly. When that happens, many businesses, property managers, and municipalities in the Omaha area turn to Valley Corporation for emergency construction services near Omaha. They know we have the capability, equipment, and people to tackle urgent jobs quickly, and to get you back up and running as soon as possible.


In the event of a fire or flood, or when erosion and other natural forces finally reach a tipping point, significant structural damage is often left behind. We take a conservative approach when we can, but that isn’t always possible. That means that demolition is often the starting point of many of our projects. We work quickly and safely, and much of the concrete and asphalt we remove can be recycled and reused — often in the course of rebuilding on the same site.


Often as not, it’s necessary to re-grade the site once demolition and site cleanup are complete. As with the other services we offer, however, this can be an opportunity to rebuild better and stronger than what we’re replacing. When, for instance, we repair a stretch of road, we find that better grading ensures better erosion controls, better drainage, and a surface that’s capable of handling a higher volume of traffic. Our goal is never a short-term fix, but one that lasts.


Rebuilding isn’t enough. Future-proofing is also a necessary part of our work, and this is nowhere more evident than in our stabilization projects. This is evident when you look at our past projects, like the repairs on the Pender East Bridge, which involved not only the excavation of thousands of cubic yards of embankment and the first use of Type D riprap for the State of Nebraska’s Department of Roads, but also extensive abutment repair and erosion control.

Utilities, Comms, and Electrical

Emergencies strike all aspects of the built environment. Sometimes, utilities, communications, and electrical systems are directly impacted. In other instances, they’re more or less intact but we face the challenge of completing work while minimizing disruption to businesses and residents in the surrounding area. From drainage to sanitary sewer improvement, and from a wide range of overhead and underground communication and electrical work, we’re prepared to deliver.


It’s rare that any of our projects are “just” about a single need. Whether it’s manholes for sewer access, channel stabilization and retaining walls, or the construction of bulkheads, much of the work we do relies on supporting structures to function properly. Here as elsewhere, we provide turnkey services covering everything from rebar installation to structural work and reinforcement to cover a wide range of needs.

If you’re reading this, we sincerely hope it’s because you’re planning ahead. Contingency planning goes a long way toward establishing and maintaining resilience, after all. Whether that’s the case or if your needs are more urgent, reach out to Valley Corporation for a consultation today!