Written by on June 1, 2020

The average American produces just shy of four and a half pounds of waste per day, and recycles just over a pound and a half of that. That sounds like a lot (and it is — we produce three times more waste per capita than anyone else). But the 254 million tons of waste we […]

Written by on February 28, 2020

Concrete makes up the lion’s share of construction waste, but the good news is, it’s one of the most widely-recycled materials in the world, with the United States alone accounting for 140 million tons per annum. In contrast to the dozens of kinds of plastic available (many of which can’t be recycled), concrete recycling is […]

Written by on February 15, 2020

Green building, LEED standards, sustainability, Midwest recycling near Omaha — these aren’t just buzzwords. For Valley Corporation, they’re vital to the way we do business. The use of recycled concrete is just one of the ways we meet our sustainability goals, and it’s a process that benefits our clients just as much as it benefits […]

Written by on June 30, 2016

Valley Corporation began demolition on the 1954 wing of the DC West Middle School in Waterloo, NE this month. The scope of the project includes demolition of the building, demolition and backfill of the existing utility tunnel below the building, removal of a water tank in the mechanical room, sidewalk and paving removal, grading and cleanup […]