Valley Corporation began demolition on the 1954 wing of the DC West Middle School in Waterloo, NE this month. The scope of the project includes demolition of the building, demolition and backfill of the existing utility tunnel below the building, removal of a water tank in the mechanical room, sidewalk and paving removal, grading and cleanup of site. The demolition process will take approximately 3-4 weeks.  Crews separated the 1954 wing from the rest of the building which will remain standing.  Roof girders were cut and the wall between the two portions of the building were divided to ensure the portion of the building that was to remain would not suffer from the demolition process.  Materials from the demolished building will be sorted and recycled saving on how much goes to the landfill.  The concrete and brick will be taken to the recycling yard in Valley, NE and crushed to be reused as aggregate

The Douglas County Post Gazette interviewed Matt Bevington, President of Valley Corp, for an article published on June 21st.