It’s no secret that the internet has become more and more important to businesses operating here in Nebraska. Without reliable internet, your company is going to be at a disadvantage, which is why contractors who are skilled at installing fiber optic cable underground are a necessity.

Many companies will claim to do this job well, but our company can back up such assertions with a portfolio full of excellent work. At Valley Corporation we’re committed to doing the job right, getting you online and keeping you online. That means not just installing cable, but also being ready to fix problems that our customers encounter.

Equipment We Use

We have the skills and equipment needed to work with underground fiber optic cables. Some pieces of equipment that we make use of in the field include:

An OTDR Machine: This tool, an optical time-domain reflectometer, helps us fix issues quickly. It tells us exactly where a problem has occurred in a cable, right down to the meter! Your business needs to get online and stay online, and tools like this help us handle jobs quickly so that you don’t end up losing out because of downtime. When you need someone to troubleshoot fiber optic systems, we’re always ready to assist.

A Fusion Splicer: We recently purchased a fusion splicer, which can be used specifically for fiber optics splicing. After crews have installed the fiber, we can tackle different types of installation jobs. Now we can handle fiber feed installation jobs from start to finish.

Our Fiber Trailer: Our company also uses a fiber lab, or fiber trailer, where we can perform routine maintenance, splicing, and other operations. This gives us a controlled environment where we don’t have to worry about outside interference from factors like weather.

We have the knowledge needed to take on tough and complex contracting jobs, but we also know just how important it is to have the best possible tools for the task at hand. When we’re installing fiber optic cable, we’re prepared.

Why Nebraska Businesses Should Choose Us

We’re a family-owned company that treats every job like it’s our most important job. We’re a family-owned contractor that offers the capabilities of a big business. Plus, as we’ve already pointed out, we have the equipment needed to tackle all types of fiber cable installation jobs.

Our “tradition of satisfaction” dates back to 1972. For more than 40 years we’ve been doing the best possible job for all of our customers, and our record speaks for itself. There’s a reason why our longtime customers are quick to recommend us to others!

So if you need a reliable contractor in Nebraska, now you know just who to call. Learn more about what Valley Corporation can do for you and how we can keep you connected. Without our help, your business might just fall behind, so check out our portfolio to learn more about our capabilities and what we can accomplish together!