Billionaire Joe Rickets is building a retreat center, Cloisters on the Platte, just South of Gretna NE.   The building site is located on 930 acres of land near the Platte River.  Valley Corporation has begun excavation of the foundations on several lots.  Once the foundations are complete Valley Corp will install drainage tile around the perimeter of each foundation and complete the backfill.  In addition, water main and sanitary sewer services will be ran to each of the buildings.

State of the art technology will be used for the grading of this retreat center.  Valley Corporation will utilize a Komatsu PC210i (intelligent machine) and Komatsu PC360i both excavators have integrated GPS systems straight from the Komatsu factory.  These intelligent machines will allow the operator to excavate more accurately and efficiently.

Myron Schellhorn, Valley Corporation’s Lead Estimator and AMG (Automated Machine Guidance) Manager used Agtek, an innovative earthwork modeling software, to create a 3-D model of the excavation site.

3-D Model
Cloisters 3-D Model

Once this model was complete it was converted to the proper file type for the GPS system.  The GPS Excavator has a monitor which shows the operator where to operate.

gps monitor
Cloisters GPS Monitor

The operator follows this monitor for the parameters of the excavation.  The elevations of the foundation are fixed in the model, if the operator reaches the models elevation limits the machine prevents the operator from excavating deeper.
Cloisters on the Platte will be a world class retreat center offering a serene location for weekend retreats as can be seen by this short video