Valley Corporation specializes in the utilization of hydro-excavation techniques to ensure the secure and efficient identification of crucial utilities without the risk of damaging infrastructure or harming workers onsite.

Even in situations with limited access, we can dig around existing utilities, gas mains, power lines, etc.. With a reach of up to 600′ from the truck, Valley Corporation can safely perform hydro-excavation in areas where others may encounter difficulties.

Our comprehensive hydro-excavation services are designed to facilitate the initiation of new projects in a safe manner. Additionally, we offer assistance in identifying or exposing existing utilities throughout the entire duration of a project. In the event that repairs are required, our team is readily available and experienced to provide the necessary support.



  • Clean out manholes
  • Expose live utilities safely and efficiently
  • Pipeline crossings
  • Excavations where utilities are too thick and traditional digging isn’t possible.
  • Drilling mud removal
  • Other related excavation services as required
  • Winter-Ready!
  • Year-round services are available because our equipment has a Hotsy water system to cut through during cold days and frost lines.



Initially, hydro-excavation equipment operators employ high-pressure water wands to penetrate the soil and create a softer ground. Subsequently, they utilize suction to transfer the resulting mud slurry into the excavation truck’s tank. This procedure enables crews to reveal deeper layers of soil and uncover any pre-existing underground facility networks.



  • BOOM: 8″ vacuum system, extendable or telescopic to 22′ reach, 320° rotation
  • CHASSIS: Multiple options
  • DEBRIS BODY: 50° tilting 12 yd or 15 yd debris body
  • VACUUM SYSTEM: Positive displacement blower options rated at 18 in-HG/4970 cfm, 28 in-HG/5200 cfm, or 28 in-HG/6176 cfm, also available with two-stage centrifugal compressor
  • WATER SYSTEM: 10 or 20 gpm at 3000 psi water pump options with DigRight® technology