The Equipment Rodeo is nearly here! At Valley Corporation, we hold this event to show local high school junior and senior students just how rewarding a career in the trades can be. This September, we’ll be showing them the equipment we use, providing hands-on events, and telling them more about what a career with our firm would look like. It’s important to teach more young people that trades and industries like construction are a great option, and we look forward to doing our part.


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Event Activities

It’s called the Equipment Rodeo, so obviously we’re going to show off and operate a bunch of the equipment that we use every day. Students will get a chance to operate and see our trench boring equipment, excavators, drilling equipment, and more.. Some of the events students can count on taking part in are excavator basketball, a skid loader obstacle course, horizontal boring, sanitary sewer installation, and concrete forming and placing.

 The equipment and events are designed to showcase a variety of services  we perform for customers in a wide range of industries. These events will provide a glimpse in how We replace and build new electrical infrastructure, perform building and structure demolition, construct sewer infrastructure,  perform grading operations, and many other types of projects. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the important work we do and how they could find a satisfying career in this industry.

Shop and Office Walkthrough

We also take the students on a walkthrough of our office and shop. This walkthrough will show how it’s not just the guys in the field but a variety of people behind the scenes that make a company like this come together and work efficiently. Whether you are interested in estimating, accounting, mechanics, welding, logistics or survey there are opportunities in our office and within the industry. 

Importance of the Trades

In recent years, students and their parents have been told that going to college is the best option for everyone. That’s the best way of ensuring that you get into a good field and have a successful career. However, college may not be the best route for everyone.

That’s why we put so much effort into our equipment rodeo. This is a chance to show students that there is another option and that work in the trades is incredibly important. There are many rewarding, well-paying careers to be had in our field, and we look forward to guiding the next generation as they become the builders of tomorrow.

Job Opportunities at Valley Corporation

If you’re looking for a rewarding job in the trades where you can make a difference, visit Valley Corporation’s website and take a look at our Omaha job opportunities. We’re always looking for more skilled workers who can help us handle important projects.

We’re a stable business that’s been around for decades, but we still treat our employees like family. We want to make sure that there are growth opportunities for all of our workers and that they can take full advantage of them. Whether you’ve been working in this field for years or you’re a student who may be interested in the trades, we would love to talk to you.

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